Dishwasher Clogs

Nowadays we consider dishwashers as a useful home appliance. We put in the dishes, run a washing cycle, and allocate the next hour doing other tasks every day. Some of us don’t do regular maintenance until it suddenly stops working. The things that the dishwasher builds up such as food particles, paper, and other debris, can cause clogs and result in backups that affect its performance.

Below are common causes why your dishwasher clogs: 

Clogged Drain Hose : The drains with a hose that can be installed to the garbage disposal or sink drain.  Drain hoses may accumulate sludge that results in clogs.  Clearing the drain pipe of the unit and the other pipes below the sink will remove the clog once they are the cause of the drainage problem.

Garbage Disposal : Modern disposal connections can result in the dishwasher unit back up when the knockout outlet was not disconnected when the disposal was set up. Taking off the outlet will possibly deal with the dishwasher backing-up problem. Once the garbage disposal is outdated, the items that you put down at the disposal can become the reason for the issue.

Defective Sewer Line : Many homeowners don’t consider a clogged dishwasher as the reason behind a defective sewer line. However, a defective sewer pipe may prevent all of the drains in your house. Once the dishwasher, shower, and toilet will not drip, it’s recommended to call in a professional check of your home sewer pipes.

Backed-up Drains : More than a single backed-up drain is an indicator that something is blocked down the sewer line. Oftentimes, it isn’t all about your dishwasher. The unit could drain well when there is a blocked drain further down the sewer line. However, if you have more than one clogged drain in your home or if the water is gurgling back up into the sink once the drains of the unit, you will have to deal with severe clogs that are not associated with the dishwashing unit.

Blocked Filter Basket : Dishwashers have filter baskets installed in the drain that filters food particles and other things from getting the pipes. The filter basket requires regular maintenance for the dishes to come out clean. When you have hard water problems, you should dip the drain basket in vinegar to eliminate the particles. It stops the holes of the dishwasher filter basket from backing up.

Clogged drains in your home kitchen can become an inconvenience and a risk to the health of your family. Contact Most Honest Appliance Repair today for a professional diagnosis or services for your home or business! We have a team of experts who can carry out dishwasher repair and other appliance repair services.