Dishwasher Making Strange Sounds

Some sounds from a dishwashing unit are just part of their operation such as the water rushing to the inlet fill valve, the pump motor humming, or the water sloshing. However, when the dishwasher is making odd noises or is too loud already, it’s the best time to look into it.

A dishwasher makes our life more convenient. They enable us to take pleasure in a special meal without having to take care of the mess. It is cleaner than using a dishwashing sponge. It even dries the dishes after the washing cycle ends.  It is a major investment, so it’s normal to be worried once you hear something strange from this appliance unit.

Here are the most common noises you hear from a dishwashing unit:

Humming Noise : Several dishwashing units normally produce a humming sound during the washing cycle. When you start to hear that the hum is getting strange, you have to change the fan. Don’t forget to turn off the power to the dishwasher before performing the work. Once you notice a high-pitched or loud humming sound, it may be an indicator of a faulty motor.

Rattling Noise : This may be the kitchenware items when they are not properly loaded on the racks. When no loose things are hitting against each other and the noise is loud enough, it could be a plumbing issue. At times, a rattling sound can happen to other causes associated with a defective motor. 

Grinding Noise : Once the dishwasher suddenly makes a grinding noise, open the door mid-cycle, let the steam to dissipate, remove the bottom rack, and examine any stuck items around the plastic blades. When the sound continues, take off the impeller and examine for any debris settling in the blade area. When there’s nothing stuck in the dishwashing unit, the grinding could be the result of limited water spraying in the machine.

 Buzzing Noise :Buzzing is a typical sound a dishwasher makes when pushing water to the drain. It’s also a normal sound once a soft food disposal unit is functioning in the wash cycle. When the buzzing noise is too loud that seems like banging, it could be a water hammer problem. This happens when quick bursts of water cause the pipes to bang against their surroundings.

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