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Refrigerator Coil Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning refrigerator coils should be part of your regular maintenance routine. The condenser coils contain the coolant that keeps the air inside your fridge cool. Dirty condenser coils will keep your refrigerator from operating efficiently, and negatively affect its ability to manage the correct temperature. So grab a dust mask and follow these 5 simple steps.

  1. Pull out the refrigerator. Move the backside of the refrigerator away from the wall so that you can see and access everything more easily. Locate the condenser coils that are exposed and have a snake-like pattern.
  2. Disconnect from the power supply. Before handling any electric appliance, disconnect the power supply. This cleaning process is relatively quick. Keep the refrigerator doors closed so that the cold air won’t leak out.
  3. Vacuum. Vacuum all dust and debris you can safely reach with the vacuum tube. As you clean the coils, also clean any other areas you see dust buildup.
  4. Brush coils and equipment. After the vacuum, use a long, flexible brush to clean refrigerator condenser coils and dislodge any remaining dust and debris. 
  5. Vacuum again. Vacuum once more. This will ensure you’ve removed all dust and debris possible that was unsettled from brushing.

Now that you’ve accomplished clean refrigerator coils, be sure to include this process with your next cleaning schedule, or contact Most Honest Appliance Repair technician for service and to perform any repairs needed.