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Signs You Are Already Mistreating Your Refrigerator

You may unintendedly be ignoring these common causes of a refrigerator that may damage it completely if you still leave it unattended.

Today’s refrigerators may be Wi-Fi ready that can tell you if you are running out of eggs already. But it won’t tell you if you are already doing the worst that could lead to an untimely repair. 

There are basic ways people misuse this important appliance in our house. Guilty of them? You should stop now!

Most Honest Appliance Repair experts offer their knowledge and awareness to common ways people improperly care for their fridges:

Not Cleaning Your Condenser Coils

If you let dust accumulate, your fridge would not regulate proper temperature and your food instore might not be safe anymore. 


You could block the cool air vent, and the air won’t circulate around the food properly. A result, it will be warmer than recommended and can be very dangerous for your food safety.

Never Change The Water Filter

The filter is designed to clean the pollutants that travel through national pipes to your home for you to have safe drinking water and ice.

Not Cleaning Up The Spills

This is not only a matter of having a messy refrigerator. But if you don’t clean the leaks and spills, 

you will be exposing your family to food poisoning. Bacteria, viruses, parasites can result from having a leaking refrigerator.

Not Checking If Gasket Is Leaking

Gaskets are the seals that line your doors, can easily crack, tear, or become loose. Damaged gaskets can cause a leak and your fridge is not giving enough and the right amount of cool to your food.

These are the common misuse you might be doing right now. When you think you are doing this to your refrigerator and need some professional help, call Most Honest Appliance Repair immediately. We will honestly tell you the real problem of your fridge and how we may help you. Let our team of professionals help you keep the most expensive and important appliance in your home running smoothly and safely.