Increase Refrigerator's Efficiency

Refrigerators are one of the essential pieces of equipment in the kitchen for keeping food safe. The refrigeration kills or slows down bacterial growth in the food, as it increases in numbers in food, moisture, and favorable temperatures.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your refrigerator and extend its lifespan, try out some of our favorite tricks and tips that you can use to improve its overall performance:

Always Test the Temperature

Make sure to test the temperature of your refrigerator. If it seems too warm, adjust the temperature. Know that it can take 24-hours to reach its cooler level.

Clear the Top of Your Refrigerator

Leave your top refrigerator clear from packages, food, and other goods, as it can block the heat from escaping and causing the refrigerator to be less efficient.

Clean the Vents and Coils

Clean the vents and back of the refrigerator with a vacuum to remove any dust or debris. Also, clean the coils, which are found underneath the refrigerator, to reach optimal efficiency.

Turn Off the Ice Maker

If you find that your freezer produces more ice than you consume, turn off the ice maker. Doing this simple step can increase your refrigerator’s efficiency, and allow it to focus more on keeping your food to stay fresh and cold.

Test the Refrigerator Door Gasket

When your refrigerator door is not closing well, check the seal or gasket, a flexible elastic strip attached to the door. To test, try to place a paper in the open doorway and close the door. If it slides to the floor, the seal needs replacing.

Put the Refrigerator Away From the Wall

Always keep your refrigerator a few inches from the wall and other appliances for maximum efficiency. This will increase airflow and increase performance level.

Utilize the Compartments

Always keep your refrigerator well-organized. Use the designated compartments as intended to arrange food neatly and impact efficiency, such as your dairies, meat, and so on.

Keep the Refrigerator Well-Stocked

It is suggested that you need your refrigerator stocked at least 2/3 full for best performance and efficiency.

Is your refrigerator working to its full potential? Use the above tips to increase its efficiency and have a better, full-functional refrigerator!

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