Washer Repair

Whether you have a big family or a hectic schedule, heavy loads of laundry can pile up. As a result, even the smallest washing machine malfunction can cause the laundry to be difficult! Most Honest Appliance Repair understands the importance for residents to have working washers and thus provides a quality washer repair service that will guarantee to run your laundry as flawlessly as possible!

Common Washer Problems

If you want to avoid any major problems with your washer, then knowing these common washer problems can help you in determining if your unit needs a washer repair.

  • Unusual loud noises. This is the most common cause we get calls for washer repairs. Worn belts, damaged bearings, and broken motors are the common reasons why your washer makes a racket.
  • Washer won’t turn on. When the washing machine won’t turn on make sure it’s getting electricity by checking the electrical breaker and seeing that it is plugged in.
  • Washer won’t spin. We regularly fix washers that won’t spin. The problem is with a loose motor coupling, detached door latch, or damaged motor.
  • Overflows. Water leaks aren’t normal for washers. This indicates that you have a bad water inlet valve or water-level pressure switch. 
  • No heated/cold water. Your washer needs to produce both hot and cold water. This happens when your machine has a damaged inlet hose or broken temperature control switch. 

Don’t let the problems escalate any further. Contact Most Honest Appliance Repair today and get started on your washer repair.

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